There’s yogurt,and then there’s iÖGO.

At iÖGO, feel-good dairy products are our bread and butter. Although, you won’t find any bread or butter in our tasty products, endless varieties or convenient formats. Nor will you find gelatin or artificial colours or flavours of any kind. What you will find is a delicious union of milk and real fruit to create not only yogurt, but iÖGO yogurt. Your other snacks will want your back.

Canadian leaf image Yogourts by
and for Canadians.

Our yogurts are all made right here at home. We only use fresh Canadian milk in all of our products.

Milk splash image

Spot the
double dot.

Umlauts have been a playful part of the iÖGO brand since our inception. It’s a visually and phonetically pleasing reminder that we’re a joyous and fun yogurt snack, begging to be shared and devoured. No matter what time of day, or where you happen to be. Adios, boredom!

A decade of deliciousness.

Your other snacks will want your back.

Introducing our exciting new campaign that sets us apart as your go-to, delightful snacking partner - where tastiness meets fun!


Ten years old, and ripe for the scooping.

For 10 years, iÖGO has been the go-to for on-the-go families. Raise your spoons!



The iÖGO brand gets a playful makeover that’s every bit as fun as it is charming.


Full experience,
smaller scale.

We focus on kid-friendly products and portions, with the aptly named iÖGO nanö.


Say hello
to iÖGO.

We introduce Canadians to a new brand and a fun new way to say yogurt.


Wee snacks
for your wee ones.

To help scoop up more goodness, we created yogurt especially for kids. We fittingly named it iÖGO nanö. Delicious yogurt packed with real fruit, available in a little bottle format with a spillproof cap. Or, as tubes that pack perfectly in lunch boxes. Who knew parenthood could be this rewarding?

Nano product image Nano strawberry image Nano peach image Nano blueberry image Nano raspberry image